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You can't make it subjective if this is a what everyone gets wrong about video, it's inaccurate. When she shot out that beam of light at the end with her bracelets, all i could think was, fantastic, she just turned into a god damn care bear and shot him with love. Wonder woman defeated by a nazi wonder woman. So then they're both dead, and it gets even worse.

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Valerie valois even so, i bet most people who watched this video most likely saw the movie and saw that most of this is debunked already. Husband cheats and fucked the hot girlfriend of his wife. In particular, for the first time in this particular cinematic cycle, we have a movie that remembers that the world has color in it. Whilst i was out cruising i met a guy, good curling.


Busty and lusty softcore full movie. Never really knew about wonder woman before, thanks for the video. One gif caught my eye today, yes a single gif. Especially on love money party when im up.


I've, honestly, never really read any wonder woman comics, but after this video i'm totally gonna check some shit out. Wow that was quite the episode wonder woman really got those bad guys. They didn't bleed when i had my braces though.

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