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Siida's Black Kennel
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First poodle..

I bought my first poodle 1993, she was white dwarf. My parents had one dwarf in the 70´s, when I was just a little girl. I loved this little white thing so much, that I decided to get one when I am older.
So, I got much older and then she came in my life.

Own agility team..

Two years after this first little white thing, came white miniature and year after that came apricot miniature. I learned what agility was with that first little white thing. In fact, I loved this new hobby so much that I started to train it every week also with these two others.
So, I had my own agility team : )) But, this was not enough and therefore I wanted to have one more to my team. I had been dreaming about standards for so long, because they looked so bold and beautiful. So, this white puppy came -97. I made her agilitydog too. She is retired from agility and now she is enjoying her life with her caring "sisters". I can say, that she has changed my life to better direction, she has tought me what life is and she is my everyday sunshine and comforter.

Year 2000...

Year 2000 came my second standard, black. She was taken to the shows and agility, of course. As soon as she arrived. I started to train agility. Now she is in class maxi-3 (highest here). Her short but very successful showlife ended when she was 2,5 years old. She won the World Winner title year 2002. That was the greatest place to stop her showcarier. What one can acchieve anymore than that. Now, she is fulltime agilitydog, because she enjoys it very much. She is just flying over the jumps, as you can see in the "My dogs" page.

My goal is to show to the world, that standards are not only showdogs. We can use them so many hobbies what one can only imagine.

Siida's kind of puppies..

This was in short the history of my poodles lives. At present, I am looking to the future and hopefully I will see more Siida´s kind of puppies in the future.

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